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28. May 2015   H.H. Pope Francis received Prince Alexander and Princess Gisela in the Palazzo Apostolico May 28th 2015

H.H. Pope Francis received Prince Alexander and Princess Gisela in the Palazzo Apostolico May 28th 2015

On May 28th HH Pope Franciscus received Prinz Alexander and Prinzess Gisela in the Palazzo Apostolico in the Vatican with their sons and daughter and members of the Royal family for a private audience.

The family was joined by the Margravine mother of Meissen Anastasia Louise. The princesses Mauricio and Clemens handed HH gifts over: a handmade portrait of the Madonna of Guadalupe by Mexican artists, an Art book showing paintings of masters with Down Syndrom and a painting made by nuns from the Clarisse monastery in Mexico City portraying la Virgen de Guadalupe. HH blessed crosses and rosaries brought form Mexico. On his side the Pope gave to each member of the Royal House a medal showing the Pope and a special rosary. Pope Franciscus asked the family to pray for him daily.

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6. February 2015 112th Birthdy at Kurlaender Palace in Dresden

The Royal couple celebrated their common 112th anniversary on February 6th with a holy mass in the catholic cathedral, the Hofkirche. After the service the invited members of the family, friends, representatives of the industry, from politics as well as members of both Christian churches were received by the Royal couple and their four children at the Kurländer Palais in Kastenmeiers Restaurant with delicious plates of the international cuisine and wines from Argentina. More photographs please click here.

23.-25. May 2014    Delegation of the Oxford University visits Dresden

As part of a private initiative our guests arrived from England, Russia, the USA, Denmark and Canada to Dresden to visit together with the Margrave of Meissen Duke of Saxony the Dresden State Art Collections (SKD) and the Green Vault. The lecture of SKD-General Doctor Hartwig Fischer on the meaning of “foreign objects" for the Saxon art of the Renaissance and Baroque periods was perceived with interest. All travellers are members of the OUSSG, Oxford University Strategic Study Group, which is mainly dedicated to strategic issues and monitores and addresses important social and political developments as a leader of ideas. The highlight of the visit was a concert by the soloists of the Dresden Baroque Orchestra on Saturday evening, which was formerly also the birthplace of the princely court orchestra under Prince Elector Moritz of Saxony. This orchestra is considered as one of the oldest in the world, now known as the Staatskapelle Dresden.

 After the visit of the Dresdner Hofkirche or catholic church of the court and the crypt with the tombs of the Saxon electors and kings, the group toured the historic city center. The international guests were received in the Swissôtel Dresden bz General Director Yvette Thüring.

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8 February 2014   Friends of the Green Vault present a Portrait of Elector Frederick Augustus II as a donation of Fraunhofer president Reimund Neugebauer to the Dresden State Museums

(Image: Ceremonial handover of the painting : Margravine of Meissen, Doctor Gabriele Neugebauer, Professor Reimund Neugebauer, Friedrich August II (painting) , Margrave of Meissen and Professor Dirk Syndram [left to right])

A valuable painting by the French painter Louis de Silvestre was handed over to the Dresden State Art Collections by The Margrave of Meissen in his capacity as President of the Friends of the Green Vault on Saturday 8th of February 2014. The acquisition of the painting was made possible by Professor Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer Society and a member of the Friends of the Green Vault. Professor Reimund Neugebauer initiated the collection of donations on the occasion of his 60th Birthday last year in favor of the Association of Friends of the Green Vault and enabled the purchase of the artwork. Members of the Friends of the Green Vault and guests from industry and society assisted at the handover ceremony in the restored Heinrich Schütz chapel on Saturday morning. Professor Dirk Syndram, director of the Green Vault, the Armory and the Royal Palace, the received the portrait officially. It will find its place in the newly restored rooms of the Dresden Royal Palace.

This 1.5 x 1 m large painting depicts Friedrich August as Crown prince ( later Elector Friedrich August II of Saxony and as King of Poland, Augustus III. ) on 1730. Elector Friedrich August is portrayed in the colors yellow and blue, the colors of the Saxon Par-force Hunting in the surroundings of Hubertusburg Castle.

The Association "Friends of the Green Vault" support the unique collection of the Green Vault in the new era and help to preserve and to expand this unique testimony of world culture in the 21st Century. The "friends" support the further exploration of one of the best preserved collections of European history and have the goal to show it to as many visitors possible. In recent years, the association was able to purchase various high quality works of art funded by generous donations and lend them on long term to the Dresden Collections.

Click here to see some photos of the handover ceremony at the State Art Collections.


5 February 2014   The Markgrave of Meissen visits the state school "Gymnasium" St. Afra in Meissen, Saxony

On February 5th, 2014 The Margrave of Meissen together with his wife Gisela visited the school of St. Afra. The director of the "Gymnasium" Doctor Ulrike Ostermaier welcomed the Royal guests. In addition to visiting the school for promotion of highly gifted students, for Margrave Alexander the encounter with a Mexican student was a special joy.

Watch here some images of the visit.


4 December 2013   180 years NILES SIMMONS - Margrave of Meissen congratulates in his speech the Chemnitz based traditional company to its anniversary

(Picture: Margrave of Meissen in common with honorary guests on the 180th anniversary of the Chemnitz-based company NILES Photo credits:. Archive NILES / Photo Schmidt Chemnitz.)

In the honorable circle of invited guests the Chemnitz based machine tool manufacturer NILES celebrated its 180th corporate anniversary. Professor Hans Naumann spoke in his position as Managing Director for the vibrant industrial center of Chemnitz. The celebrated director was accompanied by guests from politics, research and science. Here we find Dr. Matthias Rössler (President of the parliament of the State of Saxony); Barbara Ludwig (Mayor of the City of Chemnitz), Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer (President of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft) and Margrave Alexander of Meissen, Duke of Saxony.

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13 November 2013  

Margravine Gisela of Meissen welcomes Austrian-international Jazzcombo to the Dresden Jazz Festival

(Photo: Margravine Gisela of Meissen (left) together with Kilian Forster, Director of the Dresden Jazz Festival; Ursula Friedsam, CEO of the Heinrich Schütz Residence; Georg Breinschmid, initiator of “Brein’s Café” and musicians of the combo “Brein’s Café” in the Heinrich Schütz Residence.)

On 13 November 2013, the band “Brein’s Café" enthused the audience in the fully occupied Heinrich Schütz Residence with swinging and melodic rhythms. The bass player Georg Breinschmid convinced with excellent and creative jazz as well as with subtle improvisations. Dresden Jazz Festival Director Kilian Forster had deliberately chosen Georg Breinschmid as great composer and representative of the classic-meets-jazz-genre. By improvising on classical themes Mr Breinschmid grants access to musical themes in a completely new way.

Find here some pictures of the evening.



10 November 2013   Discharging of the economical head of the board Hartmut G. Knippscheer,
Martinshof Rothenburg Diakoniewerk, City Church of Rothenburg / Upper Lusatia

(Picture: Margravine of Meissen together with Mr. Hartmut G. Knippscheer in the City Church of Rothenburg / Upper Lusatia)

On November 10th, 2013 Princess Gisela accepted the invitation of the commercial Board represented by Mr. Hartmut G. Knippscheer to Rothenburg / Upper Lusatia. With his retirement starting on December 1st, 2013 Mr. Hartmut G. Knippscheer completed an outstanding chapter of entrepreneurial engagement and basically Christian action as part of his life's work in Upper Lusatia and Lower Silesia. Under the commercial management of Mr. Knippscheer the Martinshof in Rothenburg grew not only to become the largest employer in the region, but also developed to a well known site of Christian life across the borders of Germany.

Margravine Gisela von Meissen expresses her thanks on behalf of the Wettin family to Mr. Hartmut G. Knippscheer for many years of successful and fruitful cooperation in Saxony and wishes him all the best and God's blessing for his new life.


11 October 2013   Welcoming the delegation of the German-Spanish Society of Baden-Württemberg Association

(Photo: Welcoming the delegation of the German-Spanish Society of Baden-Württemberg e.V.: Heinz-Udo H. Oergel; Margrave Alexander of Meissen; Margravine Gisela of Meissen; a lady of the delegation; Luis Gómez de Aranda Villén, Consul-General of Spain in Stuttgart; Yvette Thüring, hostess of the reception and Director General of the Swissôtel Dresden; F. Javier de la Torre y Montes de Neira, Vice President and former chancellor of the Spanish Consulate General in Stuttgart.)

On 11 October 2013, Margrave Alexander of Meissen welcomed a delegation of the German-Spanish Society of Baden-Württemberg Association at the Swissôtel Dresden. This visit of the German-Spanish Society of Baden-Württemberg Association was accompanied by Luis Gómez de Aranda Villén, the Consul General of Spain in Stuttgart.



4 October 2013
6 October 2013


St. Henry's day 2013 in Bamberg

This years's 277th St. Henry’s day took place in Bamberg. Our guests – arriving from Germany, England, Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands – were welcomed with traditional Franconian hospitality. Prelate Luitgar Goeller opened the St. Henry’s day with an excellent devotion, while Professor Ulrich Blum elucidated in his lecture the secrets of the economic success of Saxony, past and present. A representative welcomed members and guests alike by a rousing and entertaining speech and conveyed the greetings on behalf of the Lord Mayor Dr Helmut Müller.

Click here to see photos of the weekend.





1 August 2013

  Margrave Alexander of Meissen welcomes President of Fairmont-Raffles International, Michael Glennie, in Dresden

(Photo: Doctor Bettina Bunge, CEO of Dresden Marketing Limited; Margrave Alexander of Meissen and Yvette Thüring, General Manager of Swissôtel Dresden, welcome Michael Glennie, President of Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, in Dresden on occasion of the National holiday of Switzerland.)

On occasion of the National holiday of Switzerland, Michael Glennie, President of Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, visited one of his hotel chain’s most beautiful destinations. Margrave Alexander expressed his thanks for building the Swissôtel Dresden as an important strategic investment. On the tour through the Green Vault, Margrave Alexander of Meissen as President of the “Freunde des Grünen Gewölbes e.V.“ (Friends of the Green Vault Association) gave an introduction to the Saxon history of collecting art to Michael Glennie.





1 August 2013


Margrave Alexander of Meissen and Margravine Gisela of Meissen support Spanish-German cultural project

(Photo: Margravine Gisela of Meissen and Margrave Alexander of Meissen during the visit of the studio of Manuel Sanz Mora M.A. in the Heinrich Schütz Residence.)

The Spanish artist Manuel Mora Sanz M.A. presented a special kind of cultural project on 1 August 2013.

With his works, Manuel Sanz Mora (www.manuelsanz.es) considers interesting and new city views of Dresden in a modern and unconventional way. Not the usual tourist sights have inspired the artist, it were rather the daily excerpts from the everyday culture that inspire him. Manuel Sanz Mora works in both acrylic and oil as well as drawings.

The acrylic and oil paintings by the Spanish artist show people and their everyday interaction. His drawings focus city views of Dresden: "The Town of Dresden is for me a place of everyday beauty and the culture of everyday life, it is authentic, so authentic as life in the Neustadt of Dresden. I feel the spirit and vitality of young people in their city – all this reminds me of my second home Valencia and so I immediately felt at home in Dresden, "said Manuel Sanz Mora about his motivation.

The art-works by Manuel Sanz Mora M.A. are from 24 October 2013 shown every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the atrium of Heinrich Schütz Residence. The artist is already looking forward to visitors at his studio in the Heinrich Schütz Residence, Neumarkt 12, 01067 Dresden, Germany. Visitors are invited to apply by e-mail: info@heinrich-schuetz-residenz.de or call 0351-26 35 96 0.

Find here some pictures of the visit.



5 June 2013


“The Royal House of Saxony“
“The Kings and Margraves of the House of Wettin, Albertine Line, from 1806 by present”


A history of the Kings and Margraves of the House of Wettin in the Albertine Line, from 1806 to the present day, can be obtained from the Order of St. Henry. To find out more about the project of the Order of St. Henry, to strengthen the remembrance and knowledge of the Saxon homelands and history, please click on the thumbnail above. Click here to order.


12 February 2013  

Margrave Alexander of Meissen celebrates his 60th Birthday

To a private party, Margravine Gisela of Meissen invited friends and guests of honour from Saxony and Germany. More than 200 guests followed this invitation, so the President of the Parliament of Saxony, Doctor Matthias Rößler; the former Prime Ministers of Saxony, Professor Kurt Biedenkopf and Professor Georg Milbradt; the General consul and Doyenne of the consulary corps in Saxony, Jarmila Krejčíková; the First Major of the city of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert; the Rector of Dresden Technical University, Professor Hans Müller-Steinhagen; the former head of the board of the Volkswagen-AG, Professor Carl Hahn; Professor Hans J. Naumann, president of the club of industry in Chemnitz 1828 Association; Pater Nikolaus Natke OP; Baron and Baroness Bernhard Loeffelholz of Colberg and members of the House of Wettin, Princess Maria Josefa of Saxony, Prince Friedrich Wilhelm and Prince Karl August of Saxe-Gessaphe, Prince Mauricio and Prince Clemens of Saxony and members of the Order of St. Henry.

Find here some pictures of the evening.





11 February 2013  

Margrave Alexander of Meissen visits the initiator of the reconstruction of the Berlin Palace, Mr Wilhelm of Boddien

On invitation of Mr Wilhelm of Boddien, Margrave Alexander of Meissen travelled on 11 February 2013 to Berlin. He was informed by the employees of the site office of the Berlin Palace about the skill- and detail full elements of decoration, which will be visible after the reconstruction partly 31 meters on high.

Find here some pictures of the day.





2 February 2013  

Margrave Alexander visits Hubertusburg Castle together with a delegation of the Order of St. Henry

On invitation of senior government building officer Ingo Fischer, Sächsische Immobilien und Bau Management GmbH, a delegation of the Order of St. Henry led by Margrave Alexander of Meissen visited Hubertusburg Castle.

The long-term use of the "Saxon Versailles", how the largest castle in Saxony is also called, left its marks on the building. Ingo Fischer explained in an excellent way the former facility of the castle and its meanings.

Find here some pictures of the day.





4 December 2012  

Princess Gisela visits Dresden to hand over the Ruby Glass Goblet of Augustus the Strong to the Green Vault

(Photo: Princess Gisela together with Margrave Alexander of Meissen, handing over the Ruby Glass Goblet of Augustus the Strong to the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections).)

By acquisition of the „Freunde des Grünen Gewölbes e.V.“ (Friends of the Green Vault Association), a piece of art of Augustus the Strong finally came back to Dresden. Manufactured in 1715 by order of Augustus the Strong, the Ruby Glass Goblet reflects the diverse connections between Saxony and Spain in a very special way: Princess Maria Amalia of Saxony, a daughter of Augustus III, was married to the Spanish King Carlos III in 1736. She died in 1760 and was buried in the Spanish Kings’ tomb, the Escorial.


The mentioned piece of art can be looked at in the Green Vault’s Neuber Room.




3 August 2012  

Reception to honour H.R.H. Margrave Maria Emanuel of Meissen Duke of Saxony

The Order of St. Henry honoured his former president Margrave Maria Emanuel of Meissen with a reception in the chancellery of the Order in the Heinrich Schütz Residence Dresden.

The lecture given was dealing with the maintenance of the remembrance of the Order of St. Henry as well as with the strengthening of the Saxon sense of belonging. The reception’s guests were amongst others representatives of society and church and members of the Order of St. Henry.

Find here some pictures of the afternoon.




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