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Princess Anastasia Louise of Saxony Duchess of Saxony
Dowager Margravine of Meissen

Princess Anastasia Louise of Anhalt was born in 1940. She spent her childhood in Straubing and attended grammar school in the monastery of Zangberg near Mühldorf and later in Frauenchiemsee. After her family had moved to La Tour de Peilz, Switzerland, in 1961, she married Prince Maria Emanuel of Saxony Duke of Saxony on 23 June 1962 in Vevey, Switzerland. As Margravine, she always assisted her husband in all obligations arising from his post as Head of the Royal House of Wettin. Since Margrave Maria Emanuel’s death, she advises and supports Margrave Alexander and Margravine Gisela in their diverse tasks at the top of the House of Wettin. The Dowager Margravine Anastasia Louise lives in La Tour (Switzerland).

Decorations and memberships

The Dowager Margravine Anastasia Louise is member of the Order of St. Henry. Amongst others, she has been awarded the St. Henry Badge of honour with crown and laurel wreath for the preservation of culture and Christianity.



Prince Eugen of Anhalt Duke of Saxony Count of Ascania
(* 17 April 1903 in Dessau, † 2 September 1980 in La Tour de Peilz, Switzerland). He married on 2 October 1935 in Munich

Anastasia Jungmeier (* 25 July 1901 in Straubing,
† 19 February 1970 in Vevey, Switzerland).




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